Presentation schedule

Date Student Topic
Oct 14 Abdul Mukit Pyro: Introduction to Core Concepts
Waseem Raza Probabilistic Programming with Pyro: A tutorial guide
Vishnu Kadiyala STAN: Probabilistic Programming Language using R
Haoliang Zhang Expectation-Maximization algorithm
Marvin Manalastas Lea - Discrete probability distributions in Python
Oct 21 Tahir Mahmood An Introduction to Pyro
Joel Shodamola Edward (TensorFlow pacage for probabilistic programming)
Robert Estes An Introduction to TensorFlow Probability
Aneeqa Ijaz Bayesian Statistical Modelling using PyMC4
Oct 28 Sajid Riaz Infer.Net
Ka Hei Samuel Chan Why have sex? Information acquisition and evolution
Umar Bin Farooq Edward2: Introduction and Tutorial
Drew Sikora Machine Learning and Information Theory in MATLAB: An MNIST Case Study
Abdullah Mousselli Analyzing and Predicting the Spread of Infectious Diseases through Probablistic Modeling
Nov 4 Kangjun Seo Monte Carlo simulation of the Ising Model
Mohamed Afify Stock Market time-series Prediction Probabilities
Anas Amaireh An Introduction to PMTK3