Due on Feb 1

  • Please try to complete Q.1 (KNN) of assignment 1 of Stanford CS231n.

  • Since we don't have any cloud service sponsor, you probably would like to run it locally. You can download the whole package here. You may try to use commercial cloud also. Even for more powerful machine, I think Amazon Web Service (AWS) should be less than $1 per hour (please let me know if I was wrong). You can check out this link if you are interested. You may also try google cloud service. N.B. Somehow the Stanford google cloud tutorial is an excerpt from this page but the instruction to install Anaconda seems to be missing. Please be sure to check out this page directly also if you come across any setup problem.

  • You should submit your homework through Canvas before the due day. Please note that we have a strict 5% per late-day penalty as listed on the course website.