Package selection for presentation

Due on Feb 3

  • Please give me three preferred packages with sorted order. Your choices include (please watch this to help you how to pick)

    • Caffe

    • Torch

    • Tensorflow

    • Theano

    • Keras

    • Lasange

    • Matconvnet

    • MXnet

  • Actual presentation will start around mid/late-Feb

  • We may go through a lottery if too many of you pick the same packages. Aim to cover more different packages if possible.

  • The order of presentation is based on popularity of your topic. The most popular topic will be presented first and so on. Within a topic, the order will be sorted by the order of your last name.

  • I will post who is presenting what after sorted out your preference. I strongly encourage you all to coordinate with others presenting the same package as you. Try to present different part of the package from your classmate. A little overlapping is acceptable though.

  • Presentation should be more than 20 minutes but not longer than 40 minutes. Don't drag too long and try to get to the point quickly. We have a relatively big class.

  • I’ll try to record the video and share with you all (maybe put up on YouTube).

  • Incentives: two bonus awards (5% each) for the best presentation according to my taste and popular votes from you all, respectively.

  • Finally, to help you pick your preference. You may want to take a look of a package comparision video presented by the Stanford guys.