Activity 2

Due on April 9

  • In this activity, you will need to play with a seq2seq based chatbot, originally an assignment of Stanford CS20si.

  • You are not requested to make any improvement of the implementation. You can ignore the submission guideline of the original assignment.

  • But please make at least 5 conversation exchanges with your trained bot and submit a screen capture.

  • Note that the implementation does not work out of the box with tensorflow version 1.01. You can simply run it with version 0.12. Alternatively, an extra 1% bonus will be given if you make it work with version 1 and submit your code as well.

  • As usual, 3% bonus will be given to the earliest submitter. As the winner of Activity 1 submission, Siraj is excluded with this round though.

  • For the convenience of tracking your submission, I have again setup a page for uploading your homework.