Due on Feb 15

  • Please use your own photo and a friend's photo to create a hybrid image (see this). Basically you just need to add a low-pass filtered image of your own with a high-pass filtered image of your friend's one. The simplest approach is probably approximating a low-pass filter with a Gaussian filter and a complementary high-pass filter with (\(1-\)“Gaussian filter”). That is, we can obtain a high-pass filtered image by subtracting the original image by a low-pass filtered image. Of course, you may also achieve something similar by playing with the fourier transformed images or discrete cosine transformed (DCT) images also. Please submit

    • The source code

    • A screen capture of the output result

    • A screen capture of the source code

  • btw, you are free to use either Matlab or OpenCV-Python for this homework.

Please upload your solution to Canvas before the due date. Please note that we have a strict 5% per late-day penalty as listed on the course website