Due on J̶a̶n̶ ̶2̶5̶ Jan 30

  • Try to use MATLAB to white-balance this picture shown in class. Adjacent the intensity of each RGB color component such that the average intensity of each component will be the same for the output image. Please submit

    • The source code

    • A screen capture of the output result

    • A screen capture of the source code

  • Extra credit (25%). Try to repeat this using OpenCV-Python. Submit the same thing listed above.

Hopefully Canvas will be available by the due date and you can all submit there. Otherwise, I will try to set up something else.

My Canvas issue is finally resolved. Please upload your solution to Canvas before the due date. Please note that we have a strict 5% per late-day penalty as listed on the course website

btw, if you have any problem with MATLAB, you may contact the MATLAB TA (Wanghao Fei)