Hi all,

We explored a little bit AWS in the second class. Let's expand our first “HW” along that line. For this assignment, I would like you to create an AWS account and start an EC2 instance as shown in class. And I would like you to run the server script you wrote in the first assignment at the remote AWS instance. And you should run your client script at your local machine. So we have server/client traffics going through the Internet instead of some fake local traffics in HW1.

Please capture screen shots for the steps or better still a screen cast for illustration.



p.s. You need to make sure that both the assigned port on your local machine and that on the remote machine are open. You will need to open the port for the remote machine as what we did in class. For local machine, this command will check which ports are open. When in doubt, google is your friend. :)

sudo nmap -sT -O localhost